Powered by AI, Biolojic is a leading edge company that designs single or multi-specific human antibodies for predefined epitopes. We call these fully human antibodies Multibodies. This creates a significant advantage when trying to bind more than one target with the same mAb or when trying to affect difficult and complex targets.

  • Our unique and proprietary platform leverages AI and Biology to deliver mAbs that bind one or more predefined epitopes with high affinity, and mAbs that have superior properties including stability, developability and specificity.

  • With several years of experience and many successful projects with multiple top pharma partners Biolojic has a long track record of success, solving some of the most difficult and complex challenges for dual-specificity, difficult targets, controlling specificity, and improving existing antibodies.

  • A dedicated and expert team of computational scientists and biologists are deeply engaged in the science, and are driven by the meaningful nature of our work to improve patients’ lives.



Our expert team of computational scientists and biologists has a depth of experience and is dedicated to pursuing the most cutting-edge science to meaningfully improve patients’ lives.